Every year SEO keeps evolving, and some trends emerge, whereas other aspects remain constant. The year 2020 is no different, and here are some SEO suggestions that any business or individual needs to adopt to stay ahead of the pack.

1. Optimisation for Position Zero

Any user that searches a query wants to get the right answer as soon as possible. Position zero enables users to get answers to their questions without even clicking any result. Position zero search results, or snippets, appear before the search engine results and they have become vital since the introduction of voice search options. Voice searches get results directly from position zero. With voice searches accounting for approximately 50% of all requests, then this means that any site that is not optimised for voice searches is losing out on crucial traffic.

So as you craft your content marketing strategy, make sure you incorporate position zero friendly content.

2. From Keywords to Search Intent

In 2020 content remains king, but the content strategy has changed. Gone are the days that keyword stuffing led to better rankings. Every year Google core updates introduce new rules, and in 2020 Google will rank search results based on the questions that searchers have. In 2020, the only content that will rank will be that which matches the search intent. So as you look for an SEO content provider, make sure that they can create material that addresses search intent.

3. The Rise of Video Content

Studies show that sites with video content have a higher chance of ranking (more than 50 times greater) on the first page of search results compared to sites without videos. Videos also convince visitors to spend more time on your website and reduce your bounce rate. Videos also show the search engine that you have informative and relevant content. In 2020 you might want to hire a company that offers video marketing solutions.